Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fridge Facelift

As the school year goes on, our family get busier and I tend to throw things of the fridge that are important and need to be in handy spot. Since the new semester is starting I decided to clam the craziness and give us a fresh start.!


Sorry this pic is so blurry didn’t have my settings right apparently. I think you get the idea of the craziness! Outdated calendars, literary for an upcoming trip, Thanksgiving (blush) papers, crazy ABCs, black schedules, etc.


Started by clearing off the entire fridge.


Better but still pretty dirty. Yuck!


All clean and prettified. Added cute monogram, names above the pictures a magnetic clip under each kiddo and one for me and the hubby, and filled out the schedule.

Ahhhh Much better!


Thanks for stopping by!



Anonymous said...

It's amazing how cleaning the front of the fridge can change everything isn't it?! Off to do the same...thanks for the inspriration!!

Amanda said...

looks great! love how you put their pictures with their papers

my fridge needs a facelift too