Monday, December 1, 2008

2 Minute Tuesday(Cleaning)

This is a cleaning routine I use that is loosely based on the Flylady system.


Don't forget to set your timer for 2 minutes, just work you way down the list as fast as you can

Or you can read through the list and set your time X x 2 = ___ and work from there.
For example if there are 10 items to do set your timer for 20 and try to get them done before the timer beeps.


1. Gather All the Clothing Hangers and put them in one placefor more efficient laundry time.
2. Wipe Down the Washer and Dryer
3. Toss the old and empty bottles and all the other trash.
4. Clean out the dryer vent.
5. Sweep the laundry area.
6. Put away any stray laundry hanging around
7. 2-minute fling session!
8. Take a 2 minute break


1. Empty the trash
2. Sweep the floor
3. Wipe down the tub
4. Wipe Down the shower
5. Swish and wipe the toilet
6. Declutter the medicine cabinet
7. 2-minute fling session
8. Wipe down the counter
9. Shine the sink
10. Shine the mirror
11. Take a 2 minute break


1. Vacuum the floor
2. Make the Bed
3. 2 minute fling session
4. Quick Dust the room
5. Straighten the closet
6. Sort socks and mate them up
7. Clean all the debris from under the bed
8. Tidy the end tables or bedside tables


1.Organize the spices, remember just 2 minutes
2. Empty the trash
3. Wipe down the large appliances.
4. Sweep the Kitchen
5. 2 minute fling session!
6. Quick Mop the Kitchen
7. Organize the pantry
8. Clean out old stuff from the fridge.
9. Empty the dishwasher
10. Load the Dishwasher
11. Wipe down the front of the cabinets, just 2 minutes
12. Wipe Down Ironing board
13. Clean iron


1. Vacuum or sweep the room
2. Quick Dust the Room
3. Tidy the table tops
4. Two-minute fling session
5. Water the plants
6. Quick Pick up the floor
7. Tidy up the place your store games
8. Tidy up the videos or DVD movies
9. Tidy up the music compact discs


1. Sweep The front porch
2. Sweep the back porch
3. Shake the door mats
4. Sweep the cobwebs off the door frame
5. Tidy up the garage
6. Two- minute fling session


1. Quick declutter inside of car
2. Organize the glove compartment
3. Quick wipe down of inside dash
4. Quick vacuum of front seat area
5. Declutter trunk of car


1. Check the Mail
2. Check first aid kit for supplies
3. Write up grocery list for this week.
4. Make Doctor appoint for checkup
5. Make Vet appointment for pets.
6. Write TO DO list for tomorrow
7. Write your exercise goal for the next week.

Have a great day

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Nina said...

I couldn't do any of that in 2 mintues because my little guy would be hugging my leg the entire time. Love the idea!!! I need to set little 2 minute goals... I think I set 30 minute nap time goals, baby sleeps and I run through the house franticly trying to get things done. LOL....