Wednesday, December 29, 2010

App Love ~ Hipstamatic

Digital Photography Never Looked So Analog!

Ok so I am a Techy-nerdy chick so when I hear of a cool app for my Iphone I just have to check it out.  This one is awesome!  

Hipstamatic is a photography app that all the cool kids are playing with!  This app allows you to change lens, flashes, and films for photos with different effects.  I am loving the eighties retro vibe I am getting on these pics!  For $10 I have the most rockin analog camera on planet.
 With this glorious app you can shoot awesome pic, upload and share with your friends on Flickr and Facebook in a manner of minutes. You can even order these awesome shots straight from your iPhone. Pretty Handy Dandy if you ask me!




Cost at time of review : $1.99 (plus $.99 for each of the 4 add –on kits)

I have much love for this app. So check it out!

(P.S. No one paid for this post I just LOVE the app!)

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Anonymous said...

My sis-in-law just got that app as well, and that is what my profile pic was taken with! Seems like it would be lots of fun. I see you're taking the organizing challenge too at A Bowlfull of Lemons too, hope to see you around her blog!